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random musings from 2014
Water bear!
Huh. so. if anyone is out there actually reading, hiiiii! since the last post, lesse... I've graduated, gotten my doctorate, passed my (belated) boards... got sent to Poughkeepsie and mentally scarred, got sent to Brewster and made manager, got married, and still am somehow standing after all that mental and literal butt humping. and

so yeah. thaaaats my update now it's time for bed... until next time.

Random musings post move...
Water bear!
So Mahopac Pharmacy has closed - that makes me sad. It was one of those old school 50's style Pharmacies that just had a distinct exterior and a pharmacy department so far up and closed off from the public that it almost makes me drool to think about it...

I'm too busy gawking around every street corner when I drive these days cuz it's just crazy to see what has changed... I was NEVER on this side of town for the most part so it's just...weird.

I built my bookcase yesterday allll by myself!! *is proud* It's quite fantastic, if I do say so myself. Now as for loading it, well I'm just to lazy for that right now.

Rite Aid, as usual, is still being friggen retarded. Which is why I'm not working right now. But it's kinda ok because I found out that this store has a DRIVE THROUGH so I'm pissed anyway. GAWD. But I'm considering calling the hospital and see if they have any hours to throw my way cuz I need SOME funds coming in, man! And how do you expect me to persue a job in CT when I can't even be bothered to put some books on a shelf?

As much as I used to think everyone around here was so nasty by the time I got to high school, it's so funny to realize how *not* true that is, now that I've experienced living in Queens. They may think they're pretty special at times but nowhere near what I'm used to these days.

There were other things I was gonna say but now I can't remember so I guess I'll just go make the 28 phone calls I need to make and quit being such a turd, haha...

*sigh* I need money so badly...
Pet the sweaty things
Things I need:

At least 2 dressers
Living room table(s)
TV/TV stand
New bed, but that can wait
Kitchen table/chairs but that can wait cuz I eat on the couch anyway
A car loan for the Mustang
Insurance for the Mustang
New iPod radio transmitter that actually WORKS this time
New iBuds since the left one blew out... And the cord is fraying at the bottom
Moving van arrangements
Money for the security deposit on my new apartment
Money for my rent on September 1st
A new roommate for Jamie!!
A new tote bag that's not so cheap and won't fall apart this time
A blue tooth that's actually compatable with my new phone (although I hardly used the old one!)
Gas money for the trip to Florida and back
A riding partner for the trip back (although it looks like Nick is gonna be all selfless and fly down even though I told him he didn't have to!!!)
A vacuum cleaner
To go up and meet the people at my new store and figure out my new schedule
Confirmation that my stupid DM is gonna transfer me correctly so that I can get my benefits on time without losing my vacation hours
Confirmation that my raise was actually put in
And explanation as to why Rite Aid pays graduate interns like 8 bucks less than any other company
A plan on how to keep myself occupied if I'm going to be living alone - I get really bored now when I'm home alone as it is!
VCR/DVD player
Hmmm maybe I'll invest in Tivo....
Change of address forms, including for my driver's license
Transfer money from my credit card soon so that my extra $100 check to Angel doesn't bounce...
Continue packing my other stuff, including getting more boxes from work

Tons more to be added, I'm sure but I'm also sure you're not paying attention to this list anyway. Gah! I get paid on Thursday but I don't know if I should transfer money now or wait... Cuz it always takes Angel 3921 years to cash checks when I send them to her so I don't want to pay fees if I don't have to... sooo...overdraft fee vs. cash advance fee.... *shrugs*

And I got rejected for my car loan that I accidentally applied for (long story) so I hope that's just because of my lack of income right now and not the fact that I screwed up my loan payments and it took a hit to my credit or something. Cuz i have notoriously fantastic credit. And that would make me sad...

Blaaaah... And of course, you know I'm just gonna shut this comp and go watch tv for another 38 hours straight anyway instead of tackeling ANY of these items...

4th of July!!
Ichigo Irritated
So between the car wash destroying my car's driver side mirror and my loan apparently being 2 months late with my first payment (how am *I* supposed to know that PLUS loans don't have a deferment period?!) I was really upset last week so I bought myself a lovely new bike! We'll ignore the fact that I don't pay my loan and then proceed to buy a $450 toy for myself, haha...

So this thing is fantastic - it's got amazing shocks, both in the seat and in the frame itself so you don't get bike butt, even after riding for like 2 hours! And it's got click-button shifting which I liked a LOT more than the new twist-the-handlebar thing that 90% of them have today, apparently... I just like how my last bike had 2 metal tabs that you just kinda arbitrarily slid up and down and tried to guesstimate what positions they should be in, phht...

So today I took my first trek into Kissena park which was fantastic! It was so beautiful today so I slathered on some SPF 30 and rode down there and meandered the paths for about 2 hours. At one point, a squirrel was crossing my path and I figured he'd just keep going so I didn't slow down at all... But then he does that whole freeze and stare at you thing so I fucking hit the poor thing, hahahaha.... Well it's HIS fault, dumbass! And I didn't OVER it - just hit against him cuz I DID try to steer around him at the last second... Idiot squirrel...

So I decided to take a break a call Marla in the meantime while I caught my breath at one point... As I'm engrossed in conversation, I realize that this guy rode his bike up next to me and gets off and sits on my bench, but I didn't think much about it... Now, I was on the phone for a good 20 mins and after a point, I realize that he's been pretty much STARING at me the whole time. So now I don't want to hang up cuz I know he's gonna approach me, but I also don't want to try and ride my bike away while I'm still on the phone cuz I'd prob kill myself in the process... And this guy is like...creepy looking. So after a while, Marla's like... Aiight - I gotta go and I'm like... :0( Ok. So I hang up and sure enough, this creep slides right next to me and is like, "Wow, you sure like talking on the phone! What's your name?" and I'm like...Uhhhhh....Angela...

So he's like, I'm Alexander... He's got an eastern European accent that I can't quite place, btw... So he shakes my hand and I'm like, aiiight - I gotta go - I'm supposed to be meeting my BOYFRIEND - just trying to make excuses to get the hell out of there and he's like, can I get your number? And I'm like, Nooooo! I just said I was meeting my boyfriend! And he's like, it's ok - I have a girlfriend too - no reason why we can't be friends! And then he puts his hand on my upper thigh. And I'm thinking - WOAH buddy, you just crossed a major line!! So I get up and I'm like - no. I really need to go. So he grabs my hand and he's like, NO! Just stay and talk with me! For like 5 mins!

And I was like, OK, NO. Now you're just getting annoying. Stop it! And I got on my huffy bike and took off... Hahahah except that it's not a huffy... I left the park and then I realized that I was on the opposite side of the park now and I have NO clue what direction stuff is in cuz all of the streets down in Flushing aren't numbered... But eventually I found my way back, but I was sad cuz I was having such a great time up to that point! :0( Oh well - I guess I'll have to go back again soon. I just hope he doesn't frequent the place...

Jury duty and other random things...
So I finally have time to update and the state of mind with which to do so! wow!

Anyway... So I just finished a 10 day stint of jury duty and I was actually quite excited to be on the jury... I must be one of like 3 people that I know that actually WANTED to do it, ha... But I just thought it would be really interesting to see how things work and be a part of it. What I wasn't prepared for was the sheer boredom! I knew the jury selection process was long and tedious but then even as the trial was underway, they have to do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff without the jury, apparently, so we're stuck in our stupid conference room for like 4 hours a day.

They had spray painted the windows white so you couldn't make signals out the window I guess but over the years people have etched, "HELP ME!" or "I did it! I admit it! Now let me go!" over the years... It was quite amusing the first day. By day 3 I was fully sympathetic.

While we were actually IN the court room, it was quite entertaining, really. The lawyers were quite snarky with each other and would snap at each other and the judge would have to roll his eyes and break it up... The defense attourney was especially sarcastic and ridiculed the witnesses sometimes and the judge had to be like, alright - move on. Damn.

The case was about this kid who supposedly intercepted a pre-approved credit card application from the mailboxes in his apartment complex on Kissena blvd and used it to open an account and add an authorized user under an alias so that a second card with that name was also sent. His name was Ju Ju Jiang and the authorized user was under Rei Takahashi. The app was for a guy named... like... Answeern something something but he was an indian dude and clearly not related. He then used this card to rack up $20,000 worth of purchases from Tiffany's, Barney's, Dolche and Gabbana, and other high end items "above the standard means of living..."

They admitted they had no leads at first because this name, Rei Takahashi, didn't lead anywhere - it was a made-up name with no Social Security number, no address or date of birth in ANY database... My question to that is what if he knew an illegal alien? - he wouldn't have a SSI and wouldn't be registered anywhere, necessarily... They found a T-Mobile cell phone registered in the name and that number called Jiang's house on several occasions... Ok, so that still appears to be at least someone he KNOWS, if it's not actually him...

The apparent damning evidence for Ju Ju was when they found a gym that he belonged to in Manhattan in which his hand-written workout record filled out by the manager had a 718 number that was crossed out and then this cell number written below it that was actually the number registered to Takahashi. When they looked at the records, sure enough, that phone number called the gym on several occasions, as did Ju Ju's house number. The manager identified him when he was on the stand, which didn't mean much because he was there under his own identity so I don't doubt he was there. What was weird was that he paid cash for his workouts - Around $6000 for 7 months! And he has no official job, according to his recent history so everyone's like, ok - where did he get the money? And the defense attorney was pissed because the gym manager didn't have the original card with him and couldn't prove that the crossed out number with the incriminating one was filled in on that original or not... Interesting...

Now, as for Takahashi's number calling the gym, again - what if he KNEW the guy? I used my friend's cell phones often when mine dies... *shrugs* Just saying...

But the really incriminating evidence is when they brought in a manager from a personalized furniture boutique in Manhattan... She worked with a man who claimed he was Rei Takahashi and sat with him for 20 mins on at least 2 occasions going over leather and wood samples for a particular piece he was looking at. She really remembers him because he was really rude, and as she pointed out, you definitely remember the really rude and the really nice customers, which is definitely true for the most part. She then identified Rei and Ju Ju. She also knows it was him because he has a distinct hairstyle and is very tall for an Asian, which is unusual. The dude was like 6'2", which is DEF very tall for an Asian. Ok, so for me that kinda...pushed me over the edge.

Perhaps he didn't participate in ALL of the purchases, but I do believe he was at that furniture store. And since the stool was like $3200, that pushes him over the limit for Grand Larceny in the 3rd degree with just that purchase alone. Then, because all 8 counts against him were like synonyms for each other, we had to find him guilty on all 8 counts.

Dude, that is def awkward - I couldn't even look in his direction when we were reading that. And then the defense attorney asked that we all get polled individually on all 8 counts to make sure that no one was holding out... (It has to be unanimous on a criminal trial for the guilty verdict to go through) so I had to say guilty 8 times, along with the other 11 jurors... AWKWARD!

But yeah, it was def a crazy experience... There was more evidence that I felt left holes in the case, but again, because I had no doubt about the stool part of it, that pushed him over the edge.

In other news.... I'm trying to figure out who's gonna be my roommate when I move out (probably in August) and WHERE I'm going and how much I will be able to afford and what store they're assigning me to in Putnam, and how much of a commute I'm willing to do, and when I'm going down to Florida to go pick up my car, and Ughdqjdijdio... Yeah. Just a huge whole ton of uncertainty. Poo.

Now that I have time to chill out and rest, I suppose I should start reviewing for my law exam next week but I'm so sick of reading and sitting for hours at a time that I'm not sure how to bring myself to do just that... Blech...

Dude - I'm moderately irritated!
God got Drunk
It would probably be worse except that I found out I probably had it easiest out of anyone there...

So I had to get up early this morning to take my mom to the airport - we only left about 20 mins early which is usually more than sufficient except that there was this crazy wreck on the GCP that crippled traffic for like 5 miles... Cute. Luckily, it broke not too long later so I got her there right at 7:35 for her 8:34 flight - ha! So it took me 34 mins instead of the like...8 I can do with no traffic. oh wells.

So my only class today is at 10:10... I showed up at like 9:45 which is CRAZY for me - I'm usually like 2 mins late on the first day cuz i never remember to give myself time for parking... So there's like 12 of us in this classroom, all early and good little kids... (there's prob like 25 on the roster...) People are just chilling, sipping coffee, catching up... All of a sudden there's a *what the fuck* that eminates up from the back of the room and everyone kinda turns around to see what the big deal is and this girl's like... We don't have class today... Now, all of us in this class have the same schedule and it's our ONLY class. According to the syllabus that we JUST got in our e-mails like YESTERDAY apparently says that the first day is cancelled because it's a recitation class but we haven't had lecture yet so there's nothing for us to do... I kinda thought that was funny when I first saw that that would be my first class but I'd figure they'd at least give us an introduction and send us on our ways or something... *rolls eyes* So I got all ready for nothing. And like I said, I would have been REALLY mad, except that I had already been up for the trip to the airport, and this one kid was like, dammit! I drove all the way here from JERSEY! :0/

So the last few days have been pretty nuts... My mom flew up from Florida because her best friend's husband passed away on Sunday... He was pretty sick but it was still unexpected - only 46 years old! He was a corrections officer at Sing Sing and though he had been sick for like 4 years, he was doing really well until the last 2 months... And there was really nothing they could do for him, either... So my mommy came and went to the wake on Monday. Because my job is STUPID, I couldn't actually get off to go with her so I had to have her take my car and drop me off at work and use my GPS to find her way... Now, remind you, she's JUST LIKE ME so she was freaking that she was gonna get lost and crash the car, etc etc. and I wouldn't put it past her, but I really had no other choice... Well, everything went well - she got to the Bronx in one piece and stayed with Debbie all night... She was soooo touched that my mom would come all the way from Florida for her but that's just the kind of person my mom is... :0)

So Jamie came and kidnapped me from work like 30 mins early, much to Ken's chagrin, haha... The next day I went with my mom to the funeral which was so. friggen. sad. Since he was a police officer, his whole company was there to salute at the doors (my mom said they were there all the night before at the wake too) and at the end, they played taps and presented Debbie with the NYPD flag just like they do with the US flag for service members... And those kinds of ceremonies are just so HEARTWRENCHING - it doesn't even matter if you know the person or not - it really made me feel like Nick's granfather's funeral that we went to... Wow. And again, he was just so young and his wife was just in so much anguish - it was so sad. It's awful that 4 of the last 5 funerals i've been to have been for people that died WAY before their times. My dentist who died of Lou Gerigh's disease at like 40 something... Lindsay, who was 20, Ken who was 54 I think? And now this one. That's just awful... :0/

So again, because I couldn't get any coverage, I had to go to work AGAIN that afternoon... It was crazy slow though so Caroline was like, ok - if it stays like this, you can go at 6 or 6:30 and I was like OMG are you sure!? Cuz it would be AWFUL if it gets busy and you have to be here by yourself!! But she insisted and though I felt REALLY bad, cuz it did start to pick up right as my mom got there, but she was like, no - just go... I heart her - she's always looking out for me and I don't deserve it! So I owe her huge.

So we met up with Devon and Theresa in White Plains for dinner at this really nice restaurant on Mamaroneck Ave... We had invited Debbie I guess, but understandably, she wasn't up for it... So we toasted T, who's BD is on Thursday so at least we got to do one happy thing...

But yeah - hopefully happier times will follow for the rest of the week - that is QUITE enough of that...

And I didn't even talk about our retard morning yesterday with my mom slipping on the ice, me spilling coffee everywhere trying to help her up, and then me backing into this woman's minivan as I was trying to leave my driveway (she was like, 8.5 months pregnant and about to give birth on my feet and she got out of the car and we were all standing there and she's looking at the cars and then straightens up, holding her back and she's like, you know what? Whatever. Just go. I can't deal. Nothing happened... -- Aww! :0/) and the jar that occurred spilled MORE coffee all throughout my car! GEEZE. So yeah, more good things, plskthx?

Christmas sure is different in florida...
Water bear!
So apart from the know...swimming in late December outdoors thing... the holidays are just friggen bizzare down south! The holiday "sweaters" --if you can even call them that-- that were hanging outside the department store yesterday had Christmas scenes on them and everything but they were such a light cotton knit that it was actually laughable!

There are lighted flamingos that you can get for your front lawn, akin to the reindeer that many people put up... Except that the lights are pink also.

When it's 81 degrees, it just feels WRONG to be singing "winter wonderland..."

It was actually somewhat of a challenge to find something that could pass as a christmas dress for mass that wasn't too spring-like but was also light enough that I wouldn't DIE. But as nice as this all is, I just couldn't live down here. No friggen way.

I forgot to bring my camera down to Dana's house where I am now so I can't get pics of everyone tonight... :0( Oh! And Cocoa LOVES her new dress - she doesn't even TRY to take it off and she's so pretty!!! :0D THAT I'm gonna have to have pics of before I come back, lolol...

Speaking of animals, turns out I WASN'T going nuts the last time I was down here - i thought smokey was having seizures one night and I told my mom and she just shrugged it off... She tells me now that she witnessed one of these events not too long ago and so she did some research and it appears that the hyperthyroidism that is so rampant in older cats can make them not only lose weight, but can cause seizures... So that would actually explain a lot... :0/

So yeah - hope everyone is having a fantastic christmas!!!!

Ok then Addison
So I can't sleep at ALL - stupid changes in sleeping schedules! I was thinking about some stuff I had packed with my carry-on bag for my flight tomorrow and I realized that it might not be kosher for me to take on to the flight as it can be considered flammable... So I went on the faa webiste to see what they had to say and DAMN some of this stuff is fucking HILARIOUS, the things they have to concern themselves with!

When a service monkey is being transported in a carrier, the monkey must be removed from the carrier by the handler prior to screening,
The service monkey must be controlled by the handler throughout the screening process.
The service monkey handler should carry the monkey through the walk through metal detector while the monkey remains on a leash.
When the handler and service monkey go through the walk through metal detector and the detector alarms, both the handler and the monkey must undergo additional screening.
Since service monkeys may likely draw attention, the handler will be escorted to the physical inspection area where a table is available for the monkey to sit on. Only the handler will touch or interact with the service monkey.
Security Officers have been trained to not touch the service monkey during the screening process.
Security Officers will conduct a visual inspection on the service monkey and will coach the handler on how to hold the monkey during the visual inspection.
The inspection process may require that the handler to take off the monkey’s diaper as part of the visual inspection.

Ohhh hoooo kay. Didn't even know people had such...service monkeys... I don't think they could have used the phrase "service monkey" in that section any more if they TRIED.

Other interesting sections include travelling with musical instruments, how they allow sabers but only in your checked baggage, and how you're acutally NOT allowed to check batteries - those have to be in your carry-on. Very interesting!

Awww man!
Altace 10 mg!!
Ken really needs to stop this whole... calling me up thing going, hey - can you come in a little early and get me coffee while you're at it?

To which my response is, "Wait, I'm working today?"

This really shouldn't be news to me - haha... I checked the schedule briefly the last time I was there and it's not in my palm pilot so I dunno what he's smoking but *sigh* my day off is being cut short... :0(

Oh well - I enjoyed lounging around for the whole morning anyway!

Ugh I friggen HATE people...
Ichigo Irritated
So I'm updating from Marla's computer... I got up at 6:30 this morning, showered, got ready, went to Dunkin Donuts, swaggered into the find the other tech already there.

vkjekfjwklfjwkl I am so irritated. I know it's mostly my fault cuz I forgot to look at the schedule before leaving yesterday... Ann happened to mention that Jen was working tomorrow cuz Traci took off and I was like, ohh yeah - I guess that would make sense why in her IM it sounded like we WEREN'T working together this weekend... But since I'm so used to just always opening on Sundays I didn't even think to look if she had staked out a time for herself...

So actually, let me amend my story up there. I got up at 6:30 and called the hospital to check if I was supposed to be opening cuz I overheard bob tell someone yesterday he was coming in at 6:30. So I figured he'd answer.

No, of course not. And I secretly knew that anyway. But I was hoping when he recognized the ring of an outside line he'd pick up. Ughhhhh if he had just ANSWERED none of this would have happened.

So now cuz I'm already caffinated and Adderalled up, I can't even go back to sleep if I WANTED to. (Not that I was ever able to anyway...) And what pisses me off the most is that I had made plans to go Christmas shopping in Danbury when I got off with Maureen and Marla and now I can't because I'm gonna be staying until 5:30 and that's a pretty late start... I dunno - I guess I'll figure it out later...

Oh and did I mention that the commute to the hospital is like 20 mins each way -- and that's with no traffic. Ugh!! So I just got home and I potentially have to leave again in an hour anyway. I was actually so irriated with myself that I started crying as I left the hospital. I haven't had an episode of that self-loathing in a long time and it startled me - haha... But it's all good now. Except for my lingering irritation.

And you know - I even thought about it and I was like...When Jen and I used to work together, I'd ALWAYS open on Sundays anyway unless she called me to say otherwise... And in her defense, she prob didn't call me cuz she figured I'd see it on Saturday when I was in but phhht I'm too stupid for that.

Oh wells. At least I have my new Pharmacy-related bling to ogle and ooh over for the 23813810th time while I'm trying to chill out. (This is my new school ring I'm talking about btw - it's so CUTE!! AND IT HAS A MORTAR AND PESTLE ON IT!!!!! LOLOLOL)

Ok, I'm gonna have to make my next entry happy again. While the Lj rants are quite therapeutic, it's not fun if that's all anyone reads from me is anger and random *wow I haven't updated in 21 years*'s.


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